Conceptual Challenge

This challenge was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. The challenge was to draw three random words from a hat, add two of your own words, and come up with a conceptual photo from those five words. The words that I drew were: Dumpster, Stitch, & Green. The words of my own that I added were: Earth & Space. My concept that I came up with was to make a dumpster and the earth stitched together in the middle to bring awareness to the trash that we use as humans and how we should clean up our earth and stop treating it like it’s a dumpster. Here were a could of my rough sketches on what I wanted the photos to look like. 

I then kept an eye out for a green dumpster somewhere around Rexburg, I was able to find one in the Burger King parking lot! I also took a picture of the globe that I have at our house and some stitching that was in a Chevy Cruze to get all the photos that I wanted to use for my conceptual picture.

 After some work in photoshop with blending and messing with layers, I was able to come up with this final image. I like the end result, however, I think I could’ve done a better job and making the earth and dumpster being stitched together more realistic.

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