Identity Project Refined

The plan: Design a logo for my personal media creation business.

I really want to challenge myself. How? Design a logo that would be appealing to all consumers, that’s timeless, be unique, simple, and easy to read, sounds easy enough, right? Van Visual Media. I am going to be offering photo, video, and design so I would like my logo to reflect that. Not knowing what I would like it to be, I am just going to get out a pencil and paper and see what my brain comes up with.

Initial Sketches
There are a few sketches that I like in this and a few that are ashamed that I even drew. I like the concept of having the hexagon in the logo, I also like the idea of having the little sensor symbol in it. This is the little symbol that is a circle with a line through the middle of it that you see on every camera.

I decided to with the hexagon logo. I may change it when getting a little more feedback from people but I really enjoy how it looks right now. I enjoy how it is kind of a mystery on what it is and what it supposed to represent. In that respect, I believe it is intriguing and gets someone’s attention. I may add some color in the refinement process of it but for now, I think it’s a good start!


I always love Having my work be reviewed by my peers and also buy my professor to let me know where I can prove and how I can make the logo a little bit more legible and clean. Was given a lot of great input from everybody and I try to take to heart what they said and translate that into the logo. Some suggestions were to add color, change the stroke width, and maybe round some edges. The big thing was is that I was told that it looks as if it is a transformer or looks like the head of Optimus Prime, all I needed to do was add eyes. This is why I love getting feedback because I never saw that before, and now that’s all I can see. The most glaring thing I did was change the M in the logo to just a stroke so you can differentiate that those lines are the M. I also made the parts of the letters that come to an end rounded and the places where they connect I kept those straight. I think by adding these it makes the logo flow a little better and you are able to read where the lines go and connect. I feel like it is a much more refined logo now and I am really happy with how it looks.


Here are some mock-ups of what the logo would look like and some real-world applications.

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