Project Corrections

  DESCRIPTION: I decided to redo the magazine project because it was the first project we did and I felt like I didn’t know the Creative Cloud well at all when I did the project. PROCESS: I decided to use a picture of my buddy that I took when I built the snow park here … More Project Corrections

Brochure Project

DESCRIPTION: Create a brochure for a company. PROCESS: 1. First thing was I made the Van Visual Media logo in Adobe Illustrator 2. I then sketched up some ideas of what I wanted the brochure to look like. I then went into Adobe InDesign and designed the layout of how I want the brochure to look … More Brochure Project


DESCRIPTION: Code a custom webpage with HTML and CSS. PROCESS: 1. I have been wanting to create a logo for my visual media company. I sketched a few drawings and I spent some time in illustrator and came up with this design and am happy with it. 2. The logo is a vector .png file … More HTML & CSS PROJECT

Business Identity

DESCRIPTION: Create a logo for a company/service/organization and establish a visual identity across all documents. PROCESS: 1. I sketched up a lot of different logos because I had a few ideas in my head and was unsure what they would look like when they got put down on paper. I came up with these 3 … More Business Identity

Montage Project

DESCRIPTION: Using photography and design, create a spiritual poster blending images and text. PROCESS: 1. At first I had an idea of what images I wanted to use, and the focus would be the temple and Angel Moroni because I had some pretty sweet pictures of him.  I came across a photo of the milky … More Montage Project

Photodesign Project

DESCRIPTION: Using photography and design, create a project that uses the consistent color scheme of the picture. This will show that I can use photoshop well, and also colors that go well together. PROCESS: 1. I had the idea that I wanted to go take a picture of the straw maze from above and incorporate … More Photodesign Project