My Photobook

I had a really good time in this COMM 300 Digital Imaging class. It was fun having it push me outside of my boundaries and force me to get creative with the camera in a way I never have before. This photobook is a summary of all the shoots that I did throughout the class, minus … More My Photobook

Fine Art Print

For my fine art print, I decided to use this image that was taken while at our trip to Bannack Ghost Town. The COMM 316 class were reviewing all the images that were taken at Bannack and they really liked this one I took of the Cowboy named Stan. I decided to make it black and … More Fine Art Print

Top 5 Images

These I feel like are the top 5 images that I took this semester. I took I like so it’s hard to narrow it down to 5 but these photos really moved me in one way or the other. This is a picture I took of the wife just days before she had our first … More Top 5 Images